Morgan Systems M-300 coax arrestor

Like no other protective device in the world for RF coaxial cable lines, Morgan’s M-300 Series arrestors offer a complete, nearly perfect blocking/shunting system for induced voltages. Whether produced by lightning (directly or indirectly coupled), wind, rain, or snowfall MMI arrestors are continuously active, constantly draining transmission line center conductor to ground. The result? Solid protection for station equipment and related noise.

All M-300 Series units feature heavy discharge toroidal inductors used to neutralize developed voltages on the antenna side of a central high-voltage blocking capacitor (blocks DC voltage through the unit).  Inert gas tubes are used to limit the natural back-EMF voltages often induced across an inductor when large fast rising input currents are presented to the unit.

New variants:  M-300U-QRP:  Similar to above but with 10w transmit rating and a new lower rated, more sensitive gas tube to prevent even small surges from getting through the unit.  M-300U-PP:  Power pass version allows up to 50VDC to pass through the arrestor to allow mast mounted pre-amps, switching relays, etc. to operate through the coax.  Unit will bleed static and carries a 1kw rating as does the standard M-300.  M-300U-O:  Same as standard M-300, but comes with offset conenctors as shown in picture above.  

Sold and used worldwide, our arrestors are the first line of defense in lightning protection employed by such services as the U.S. Army, Boeing Corporation (Commercial Airplane Division), AT&T, NASA, and a wide variety of Commercial Broadcast, Public Safety, Emergency Relief, Government, and Amateur interests. Our arrestors can be found in the most stark surroundings, from dense African jungles to the vast wastelands of some of the world’s most punishing deserts. You can even drive a truck over the top of the chassis without damaging the contents (actually, you can do that to most Morgan Systems products).

Available models cover the frequency range from as low as 100KHz to 1,000MHz. with lots of connector choices. All units feature Teflon connectors. All may be mounted on flat surfaces, grounding bulkheads, or through-mounted using dual stainless steel grounding screws for mechanical fastening. Packaged with an informative owner’s manual.  Mounting footprint 3.25"x1.75", 1.875" tall.