Morgan Systems M-320 HF/VHF/UHF/CATV Arrestor

Modern television and FM stereo systems are the most delicate ever built and can be easily damaged by voltage transients delivered by outside antennas or commercial cable systems. Cable companies offer little, if any, lightning protection and are not responsible for resultant damage when it occurs. Model 320 offers do-it-yourself protection and easy installation in just about any home or institution based system. Each is completely shielded and constructed in an aluminum case for indoor/outdoor services, mounting footprint 3.25"x1.75", 1.875" tall.  The only other installation requirement is a ground rod earth terminal connected to the chassis.

Model 320 is a radio and CATV arrestor designed for use with all receiving systems using coaxial cable and operating between 3MHz and 2 Ghz. (Commercial cable Systems operate mostly between 50 MHz and 500 MHz) This unit uses our patented high isolation DC blocking technology with bleeder resistors to dissipate static,  and gas discharge devices to shunt large surges to earth. “F” connectors standard, 75 ohms.  Remember, this is a receive only unit, and must not be transmitted through.