Morgan Systems M-322 HF Receive Only Arrestor

Finally a 75 ohm arrestor purpose built for low band receive antennas such as beverages, flags, loops, etc.  Modern radio receiver systems are the most delicate ever built and can be easily damaged by voltage transients delivered by outside antennas .  Model 322 offers do-it-yourself protection and easy installation in just about any home or radio installation. Each is completely shielded and constructed in an aluminum case for indoor/outdoor services, mounting footprint 3.25"x1.75", 1.875" tall. The only other installation requirement is a ground rod earth terminal connected to the chassis.

Model 322 is a DC blocking unit similar to Model 320, but features a focused frequency range from 135 KHz to 60 MHz.  It uses our high isolation blocking technology with inductor shunt output protection, which provides a direct ground path for static and power surges. “F” connectors standard, 75 ohms. (Will work equally well in 50 ohm system with negligable mismatch when kept within stated frequnecy range.)   Remember, this is a receive only unit, and must not be transmitted through.

New variants:  M-322F-D:  Double units are two units with one footprint to save space in entry panels and junction boxes.