Morgan Systems M-402x Broadcast Band Interference Filter

AM broadcast stations transmitting in the frequency range from 550kHz to 1700kHz cause havoc with HF and VHF receiving operations, often inducing carriers, modulation, broadband noise and other disturbances into delicate equipment.  Such interference can frequently be heard mixing with other received signals in the shortwave bands and commonly overwhelms front ends of modern receivers. Broadcast reject filters reduce AM band signals to levels where local Stations can still be received in most cases, but are no longer threatening to other desired services. A must for serious low frequency DXers or Amateur 160 Meter enthusiasts. This model is available for use with transceivers (allows transmission of up to 200 watts through the filter above the rated cutoff frequency).

Model M-402x unit is designed to operate above 1.8 MHz and place the BCB band frequencies below, well into the stopband, inserting very high attenuation even at the higher end of the BCB band frequency segment.  Each filter is individually packaged with owner’s manual.  All models are fitted with SO-239s connectors.  Mounting footprint 5"x2".