Morgan Systems M-410 Bandpass Filter, 12 meters

Complement modern transceivers with a Morgan bandpass filter to lessen or reduce out-of-band rf energy from nearby transmitters.  Our legacy model bandpass filters are available in affordable single band units, even including a model for citizen's band. Our filters are designed to pass only the listed frequency segments for which they are tuned, blocking all frequencies above and below the passband.

Use bandpass filters anywhere that critical single band performance is required, or where nearby transmitting stations cause interference to needed communications. Excellent for multiple-operator stations, portable or field use, non-polarized.

Circuit uses a twin section dual resonator design in a compact 3″ square heavy chassis. Units are rated for 200 Watts transmitter power.  SO-239 connectors standard. Packaged with owner’s manual.  Mounting footprint 4"x3".