Question:  Why would I want a notch filter over a regualr bandpass filter?

Answer: It very much depends on your station set up.  Leet's say you're doing field day and the 40m station is clobbering you on 20m.  If you put a notch filter on your 20m station, it will block the 40m station and still allow you to roam around to other bands to operate (but not 40m obviously, it is now a dead band!).  A band pass filter won't let you do that; you're stuck on 20m until your remove the filter.

Question:  How much attenuation do the filters have on an adjacent band?

Answer: Check out the VNA plots on each individual filter's webpage, in the photographs.  Click the pic to enlarge it so you can read the numbers. When combined with a band pass filter the numbers get REALLY large, sometimes 80-90dB of signal rejection to the next (non-WARC) band!

Question: What if I'm running an amplifier?  They only have a 200w rating.

Answer: Correct, do NOT run on the output side of the amplifier!  DO place the filter between the radio and amp.