Morgan Systems M-318 mounting fixtures

Industrial mounting frames are used with MMI’s M-300 Series Lightning Arrestors for attaching units directly to ground rods (keeping lead inductance to a near-zero minimum). This mounting method provides the highest possible performance for voltage protection. And they’re built as if we’re expecting you to be hit time after time. Upper horizontal mounting plate is pre-threaded and 1/2″ thick solid 6061-T654 I aluminum bar stock. Set screw that holds assembly to ground rod is stainless steel 1/4-20 Phillips head, balance of mounting hardware also 18-8 stainless steel. Boring of lower section is designed to comfortably fit top of ground rod by simply sliding the whole assembly over the top of the rod after coating both surfaces with conductive copper-loaded anti-oxidant compound (provided). Bore, size is approximately .015-.020 larger than rod to keep the fit tight, the frame horizontal, and prevent entry of moisture, dirt, insects, etc.

Units are machined in one, two, and four-unit varieties indoor or outdoor use, accepts direct rain / snow exposure. Each unit is packed with anti-oxidant compound, #8-32 screws for arrestor chassis mounting, weight approximately 2 pounds.

SIZING GROUND RODS:  Ground rods typically come as copper clad steel, in four sizes:  3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4".  These are "trade sizes" and do not reflect the actual diameter of the rod.  (I.E., 1/2" rods are close to actual size but 5/8" rods are actually undersized as well as the 3/4".)  Our products are sold according to these trade sizes.  If you are not sure what ground rod size you have, measure with an accurate instrument such as calipers and contact us for proper size.