Morgan Systems M-350 bulkhead panels

Solve a dozen different common station problems and add a truly professional touch to the facility with an MMI bulkhead frame.  A common-point grounding scheme established by a bulkhead adds control to leakage radiation of transmitted signals, provides an interception point for lightning or other transient currents and introduces a low inductance method of bringing filter cases to ground potential.

These frames are 1/8″ thick natural aluminum 3003-1414 material and available in a variety of sizes. Each is outfitted with a clamp fitting on the bottom for attaching heavy cable or up to 1/2″ ground rod, and the rest of the frame is undrilled. Arrange lightning arrestors, filters, switches, or other important station hardware in the most appropriate manner to mate properly with station wiring and drill your own mounting holes easily and quickly.

Bulkhead panels may be mounted flat against a rear surface (wall) or in just about any other convenient way so long as bulkhead is close to earthen entry point. Panels allow high-integrity grounding of incoming or outgoing lines between equipment and outside destinations.

Units are shipped in flat package with clamp accessory and conductive anti-oxidant compound.