Morgan Systems M-330 power mains impulse suppressor

MMI’s model M-330 is a structural protection assembly that offers transient and overvoltage protection throughout the house or structure to items connected on the AC power lines connected through circuit breaker protection to the main incoming electrical panel. This unit requires only simple wire connections done in about 5 minutes time. Once installed units provide diversion to incoming high voltage wavefronts by attacking transients and providing a safe leakage path to ground for the duration of intermittent spike events occurring to power lines outside the facility. The unit is inert during normal operation but provides filtering of electromagnetic signals which often cause noise and interference to household electronic equipment. Circuit is a hybrid design utilizing gas discharge and metal oxide varistor technology with bypass devices for RFI / noise filtering. Maximum 60,000 Amp fast switch capacity. Case is at ground potential and safe to handle anytime. Housing is standard MMI heavy chassis, fully shielded, burst-proof design.

Mounting footprint is 4"x3", 1.875" tall.  Includes 18″ leads and owner’s manual, weight 1 pound.