Morgan Systems M-340 Telephone mains impulse suppressor

Unshielded telephone wiring is very susceptible to natural and man-made interference as well as overvoltage influence. Modern solid-state telephone equipment, computer modems, telephone patches and interconnection equipment are all easily damaged by fast rising transients caused by lightning discharges and electromagnetic fields.

Model 340 Series suppressors / filters are combination multi-stage units that isolate telephone circuits, providing hybrid dual-action voltage protection with gas-discharge and metal oxide componentry, and noise / RF filtering by twin-stage decoupling bypassing. May be installed indoors or outdoors at telephone line junction connections to building entry, for overhead or buried lines.

Mounting footprint is 4"x3", 1.875" tall, models are available for direct hardwiring with screw terminals or all modular. Both are 4-wire and designed for one or two line services, polarized (input and output), work with any telephone brands or models. Ground terminal connection required to nearby ground rod or earth electrode. Units are fully shielded assemblies in standard Morgan heavy chassis, packed with 4-page owner's manual.