Morgan Systems M-349 rotor line/control lines

Unshielded control line conductors used to operate remote switching operations, antenna rotators, and home weather stations are easily charged to thousands of volts potential referenced to ground by overhead lightning discharges, frequently causing severe damage to equipment. In the RF transmitting environment, these same leads often couple into transmitted energy and re-radiate signals at ground level, resulting in interference to nearby equipment tuned to other services.

Models 347, 348 and 349 solve both problems in one convenient unit. Easy to install and virtually permanent, this suppressor shunts RF currents and voltages over 20V, 50V or 120V directly to facility ground terminal connection.

Installation is a breeze and takes only a few moments. Each wire (up to 8 conductors on standard models and 12 conductors for the B models) entering from rotating unit or switch box may be attached to any of the 8/12 insulated terminals on the side of the unit. The same wire then continues from that connected point onward to control box destination. Connect the metal case to a ground rod or system and you’re all set. May be used indoors or outdoors, designed for flat surface mounting, includes stainless steel grounding terminals.  Mounting footprint is 4"x2", 3.125" tall.

Uses metal oxide varistor devices, AC or DC voltage rated, ceramic high-capacity RF bypassing components.

Comes with owners manual.