Morgan Systems M-471 AC line / appliance filter

Very similar to the Morgan M-474 series AC line protector, The Morgan M-471 will suppress or eliminate RFI that is being transmitted through the AC power cord from/to modern AC powered appliances such as washers/dryers, refrigerators, TV’s, etc. The M-471 can provide signal attenuation going INTO the appliance (IE, when a transmitting radio causes the appliance to malfunction), or FROM the appliance (IE, the appliance itself generates RFI that is heard in radio receivers.)   AC line filters offer an inexpensive alternative to the risk and unpleasantry of dealing with many types of line problems. 

IMPORTANT:  Remember that RFI problems can manifest themselves in multiple ways, aside from transmission through the power cord; identifying the RF noise source and confirming that the noise is being transmitted through the AC power cord is important before purchase.

Morgan’s line filters are a complete package of inductive isolation,  capacitive decoupling, and interference control of both common mode and differential mode signals across a broad frequency spectrum range. Rated for a 13A 120V appliance.  Filters are constructed in a tough, single piece plastic box and includes 6 foot molded line cord, fuse.  Each unit is packed with a informative owner’s manual.  Box is 4"x4"x2.625" tall; mounting feet make overall footprint 4"x5".  Mounting holes are 2.125" by 4.625".