Morgan Systems M-474 AC line protectors

Most modem electronic equipment devices are subject to interference from electromagnetic signals and noise entering via AC line power cords. DVD and Video  recorders, television sets, consumer audio gear and many telecommunications products are now being constructed with transformerless power supply technology, making each piece more sensitive than ever to line variations and interference. AC line filters offer an inexpensive alternative to the risk and unpleasantry of dealing with many types of line problems. Morgan Systems line filters are a complete package of inductive isolation, overvoltage control, capacitive decoupling, and interference control of both common mode and differential mode signals across a broad frequency spectrum range.  Also useful for reducing noisy RFI from inverter generators when placed right at the output of the unit.  Two models offer currents to 20 Amps and up to 6 plug-in outlets.

Filters are constructed in a tough, single piece heavy chassis measuring 4″ square, and each includes 6 foot molded line cord, fuse (replaced if necessary from the outside), and stainless steel ground terminal. Models for 120VAC are supplied with 3 or 6 outlets.  

Design update in 2019 includes more durable outlets, increased filtering ability with up to 45dB of noise attenuation, and fast surge attack speeds with gas discharge devices.

All are designed for flat surface mounting and may be used with or without ground terminal connection. Performance improves if local ground connection can be made and if distance from filter body to ground is kept short.  Each unit is packed with a informative owner’s manual and an extra fuse.  Mounting footprint is 5"x4", 2.625" tall.