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In 1989, Industrial Communication Engineers, or ICE, was born.  Under the direction of Mike Koss, W9SU(SK), ICE products became a household name in surge protection and RF protection equipment in amateur and commercial installations worldwide.  Mike was leading the way with innovative products in the mid 90's such and switchable bandpass filers and remote controlled coax switches, in addition to reasonably priced protetion devices for RF equipment.  As the business grew, Mike's brother Bob W9ETA got involved in keeping the manufacturing side of the business running smoothly.  Unfortunately Mike passed on in 2011, but brother Bob kept the product line running under the name Morgan Manufacturing.  

Enter 2018.  Morgan Mfg. has traded hands, and headed into the west's Great Basin, under the watchful hand of Chris Perri, KF7P.  With guidance from Bob, Chris is now producing the same great ICE lineup of protection products, mounts, and filters, carried down from Mike.  We are also excited to further innovate and develop additional outstanding products in the near future, stay tuned!  Morgan Systems LLC is dedicated to providing RF device protection at a high level of quality and unrivaled customer service.  For examples of our quality, look no further than a crush-proof chassis that you can drive a car over, stainless steel fasteners, and all products meticulously, individually tested for continuity, SWR, and mechanical strength.  Chassis components are hand checked for proper fitment, and all sharp edges are deburred and smoothed.  And finally, all products are shipped with a one year warranty.   It is our goal to make sure every product that goes out the door is perfect, and functions to customer expectations.

If you have questions about any of our products, please call or write to us at the number/email below.